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The Van De Water Law Firm, P.C. offers zealous yet compassionate legal guidance and strives to achieve the highest levels of representation possible for our clients while meeting and exceeding your expectations. We focus our practice on employment, labor and business law and we provide legal services in a comprehensive range of related issues. Whether you are an individual or a Fortune 500 Company, we have you protected.

At the Van De Water Law Firm, P.C. our clients come first and we take an approach to keeping you informed about the legal process and involving you in the vital decisions that affect your legal concerns. We will always return your calls, respect your opinions and constantly strive to be responsive and pro-active.

We serve clients in Nassau and Suffolk counties and throughout the New York City area. Drawing on knowledge and skills from more than 20 years of legal experience, we work diligently to obtain a favorable outcome in every case we handle.

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Whether you are an employee seeking legal counsel to protect your rights in the workplace or an employer dealing with compliance issues, business disputes and litigation or employment related legal matters, we can help.

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“Chris and I first met as adversaries in a highly complex overtime case. I was immediately impressed by his depth of knowledge, tireless work ethic and empathetic demeanor. You will not find a better legal advocate out there to protect your career or business. I give Chris my highest recommendation.”
Stephen Hans, Managing Partner of Stephen Hans and Associates
Former President of the Queen’s County Bar Association
Queens County Bar Association Labor Relations Committee Chairperson; 1998-Present
Queens County Bar Association, Board of Managers; 2001-2006

First Rate Attorney in a Tough Fight

“Having recently retained Chris’ services for a tough fight to preserve my job, I can attest to the energy and commitment with which he attacked my case. Chris is a first rate attorney, whose tireless commitment for the best results I will always appreciate. His attention to detail, painstaking dedication, and unimpeachable integrity I am very much grateful for. Chris anticipated many of the obstacles that we faced, as well as other potential obstacles that thankfully never arose, always with ideas that would ultimately help my case. I would not hesitate to retain Chris’ services in the future, should the need arise.”

~ GP

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What Makes Us Different?

Moral Compass

Moral compass is the ability to judge what is right or wrong and act accordingly. Laws exist to set moral boundaries and provide recourse for individuals or businesses that have been wronged. Integral to each legal action taken is the moral compass that guides our efforts at the Van De Water Law Firm, P.C. We understand the legal nuances involved in the employment-related and commercial litigation cases we handle. While working as Assistant General Attorney for the State of New York, Christopher Van De Water attained a broad perspective for moral compass through his acquired experience involving client defense.

Value System

Societies develop a coherent set of values that act as standards to guide behavior. Certain values are so central to how a society functions that they become part of the society’s legal system, which formally establishes its laws and regulations. When violations occur, disciplinary actions come into play, which serve to protect and preserve the core values. We work closely with our clients to inform them about the law and protect their rights within the legal system. Extensive experience litigating, negotiating and mediating disputed issues has provided Christopher Van De Water with a firm foundation to help protect your values.

Dogged Pursuit of Justice

Justice is the result of fair and proper administration of the law. Under federal, state and local justice systems, each individual has certain freedoms and rights, including the right of due process. Christopher L. Van De Water spent years in New York working as an Assistant Attorney General, which included legal work handling high-level cases in all the maximum security prisons throughout New York State. The Office of the Attorney General serves a dual role, as the “People’s Lawyer,” safeguarding the rights of New York Citizens and also as State’s chief legal counsel, advising and defending the government. At the Van De Water Law Firm, P.C., we put this past experience to use and doggedly pursue justice for our clients.

Practice Areas


sexual harassment


wage and hour-unpaid overtime


Americans with Disabilities Act



Breach of Contract


Do you believe you were discriminated against or treated unfairly at work?

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, the Family Medical Leave Act, the Fair Labor Standards Act, The New York State and City Civil Rights Laws and numerous other laws afford legal protection.

We believe that everyone has the right to be treated fairly under the law. However, in many cases, individuals do not fully understand the law or know what their rights are.

We are glad to clear up any confusion or answer questions and explain how the law applies to your particular situation. If your rights have been violated, we can be your voice, your protector, in the legal system and take action on your behalf.


At the Federal, State and New York City levels, laws and regulations establish guidelines for the employee-employer relationship. The Van De Water Law Firm, P.C. applies our extensive skill and knowledge to assist employers by counseling them in the development of employee handbooks, polices and procedures with the goal of reducing their exposure to litigation.

Through counseling, advice, training, negotiation, and alternative dispute resolution such as arbitration or mediation, and where necessary, through contested litigation, we can help you resolve all your work-related issues. We have numerous defense trial verdicts in both Federal and State Court venues and will protect your business while minimizing its exposure throughout the litigation process.

Our firm represents clients throughout Long Island and the New York City area.

When justice is done, it brings joy to the righteous, but terror to evildoers.

Proverbs 21:15

Client-Focused Representation

Whether standing aggressively on firm legal ground to safeguard a company’s interests or pursuing justice to protect an individual’s civil rights, we provide you with client-focused representation.

We serve as your legal protector and strive to provide our clients with the following: