Business Law / Commercial Litigation

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Business Law / Commercial Litigation

Your Legal Protector

Business Law / Commercial Litigation

Your Legal Protector

New York City and Long Island Business Law/Commercial Litigation

Protecting the Rights of Small Businesses through Training, Dispute Resolution and Litigation

Surviving in today’s corporate climate typically requires access to trusted legal counsel and many business owners take this fact for granted. Companies often find themselves involved in disputes whether with employees, shareholders or business partners. An attorney with the right combination of business law and commercial litigation experience can provide invaluable legal guidance and representation. Effective legal representation is vital to free up business owners so they can keep company operations going and protect their bottom lines.

Put Our Experience on Your Side

At the Van De Water Law Firm, we bring valuable experience to the table when negotiating settlements, employing alternative dispute resolution techniques or taking cases to trial. Christopher Van De Water has acquired years of legal defense experience by successfully litigating cases or resolving them through arbitration or mediation as a New York State Assistant Attorney General.

Our firm handles commercial litigation cases involving breach of contract and shareholder and partnership disputesalong with other employment related legal concerns.

Employment Related Training and Compliance

Maneuvering today’s landmine of employment laws is also a concern many business owners have. While the Harvey Weinstein scandal and #MeToo movement brought instances of sexual harassment into the headlines, the New York State legislature responded. New York has taken the top tier position for having the most stringent sexual harassment training laws in the country. Companies throughout New York must quickly get up to speed to comply with new legal requirements, which became effective on October 9, 2018.

For many companies, measures to prevent sexual harassment and other types of workplace discrimination will require extensive training and re-structuring of internal protocols. It is wise to put your business in a secure position that lasts many years into the future as opposed to meeting bare minimum requirements.

We can answer your questions and assist you with training and other compliance measures.

Effective and Affordable Representation

Implementing preventative measures and complying with employment regulations are priorities for small businesses. Resolving disputes and obtaining affordable representation can help small companies stay in business.

At the Van De Water Law Firm, P.C., we do our best to help business owners meet their needs and avoid the expense of costly litigation.

Assistance with Business Law

We are glad to answer your questions about compliance obligations as well as help you deal with any other employment issues affecting your business.

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